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children on this enlightened path
by Megan Takushi


a baby cries & the body knows before the conscious

brain electrodermal activity rock rock hush galvanic response

goodnight sweetheart sung with low constant

voltage for noninvasive measurement the hypothalamus wailing well it’s time to go sugar

water or sweet nonsucrose solution swaddled valsalva
maneuver Once upon a time

vassoconstriction caused by excessive exposure to cold six stone Jizo statues
the snow was all tinted with the colors of dawn and there in the distance

typhoon #6 marine division meaning the ground is mostly graves
地蔵 meaning Earth

Bearer Earth Womb beloved Boddhisattva

conservative estimate: ~six dying languages like bombs ticking
undertongue like teeth ticking in the gums like Kaminchu women
exorcize satsuma and soldiers bow slow to Shiji a military

pdf on how to respect the culture >2 pgs single spaced

Kami curl their lips at these aluminum pistol grip steel stripped islands

Noro Priestesses Shīsā Queens Hajichi Hands hold the life after
the deceived duodenum chemoreceptor carries the impulse & empties the gut
american man needle sword to your throat what lullaby do you sing

rocking a baby in a bright red blanket


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