Deborah Dickinson
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1 my sister and i do not look alike 2 her skin is fair her hair is straight 3 i am the darkest in my family 4 grandmother mentions how brown i am every time she sees me 5 my mom likes to joke that when i was born she thought she was given the wrong baby 6 home is a word that does not fall off my tongue easily 7 i don’t believe in fate but sometimes i think conflict is the consequence of my breeding

MIXED -- /mikst/

            1.  (a state of being)

more than          and                never enough.

2.  (especially of the second-generation)

                                    an iteration;

                                    a dilution

8  if half of something is not whole, what do

you call half of two things made up by


9  i’m still figuring out how to best arrange

my pieces

10  nowhere is a place for people born

without navel strings

11  i wonder what i’ll look like when i am

my ((great)grand)mother’s age

12  i find myself increasingly weary beneath

the weight of my name

13  the simultaneity of both and neither is

painful dimensionally