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by Sylvie Wang


Awoke again
this time among fieldlike voluptuousnesses of cherries
Scent of summer tipping towards rot
heaving through the air

I think I can coax my trembling tongue to taste
infinite sweetness
However the following must apply

If the flesh is taut, not sagging with overripe
In that sickening way which conjures the vomit of wealth
If I may be allowed to resist it for my own pleasure
And we pretend cavities are real here
If you accept the premise that
Tension is sweet
If I may venture to say
Indulgence tires me out and
I soon deflate
in its tan arms

I am not really allowed to have the things that I have always had
They are a part of my life like
Mitochondrial function and
Shitting is
I am allowed this
To introduce and remove
To the effect that you become
Orgasmic at the bite
Ravished from the jaw
As Persephone from Demeter


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