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Looking at the rare seed catalog
by Sylvie Wang


Glass gem corn
I’m in shock like the people who walk into ERs with their own severed hands
Lillian’s caseload pea
Their bodies don’t know how to tell them what has happened to them
Mouse melon
A transformative experience is defined by the fact that you cannot predict in any way what
and how inside you will change when it happens to you
Sugar baby watermelon
You’d loved me into an unrecognizable liberation
Split second morning glory
Now on the other side
Double diamond pearl yarrow
Sitting in rooms with the lights all off
Falling in love poppy
I want to wait for you
Hanover ground cherry
You want to sleep with other people
Mortgage lifter tomato
I ate baby carrots slowly for lunch
Fairy snow balloon flower
I had really truly planned to have your babies
Sugar rush pepper
Or at least adopt
Majorette hollyhock
Bowing my face into my bowl hands
Alaska salmon nasturtium
Inside my heaving attempt to think anything at all
White bride mullein
The bare cortisolic reality is this
Five color silverbeet chard
The haven in the curvature of my palms in which I stoop
Kissing tulip
Will always be for your chest
Your arm
Your belly
Your knee


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