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By Brydian Forrest

Today with red sulfur burning in my asphyxiating denotation 

With the way heat rises past the lungs 

Or cinderella's shoe gets lost, jammed into someone's eyeball 


Please, saw my wrists off, and not for a reason 

You say it's to distract from the clanging, to give me some feeling 

But the pain is not needed or wanted just required and requested 


Burn baby burn a sigh into the side of my stomach 

Let your lips fail to swallow me because they haven't applied all their effort 

There's something lackluster about our continuous meetings 


And saw off my feet too because what the hell 

I'd like to climb back inside get a good look around 

Souls are like snakes but less corporeal...Kinda fragile in a play-dough sense 


I'll carve a word onto my hand a four letter one that does not please you 

It's about me and how loud my thoughts are being 

Boom baby boom remember the clanging? It’s true 


What's left... 


Legs I suppose, cut into my thighs until my throat releases such a pretty siren 

Aren't you reminded of the emperor and the nightingale? 

Seesaw the pieces of me until they have no more meanings remembrances or reminders 



It's not just requested

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