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Spring 2022

A movement through barrier and space, a telling transformation that distinguishes an after-the-fact from a before-you-could-see, a revelation in which the body creates breath and shape and meaning from the things it held onto and the things that held onto it and the withholding that keeps us from remembering our experiences as the world as it used to be. What was becomes a notebook page torn from its seams and left to disintegrate with the leaves, with the passing seasons, as with old calendars stripped from tattered walls and left to fade under the sun.

Tick. Tick.

               by Emma Ferguson
Protect the Throne
The Last Ride

               by Máire Rock
Roots Claim the Ruins
               by Bri Perry
Wake of the Flood
               by Emma Hyman
Written in the Disappointing Library
               by Brandon Teola
               by Alicia Jurado
               by Carissa Caulton
A Day in the Desert
Snow in February

               by Hannah Shields
Find a Penny / Pick It Up

               by Lily Kelly-Jervis
Make a Wish
               by Brandon Teola
Where are They Now
Some Place Green and Soft to Sit

               by Carissa Caulton
Double Need
My Body is a Place

               by Eleanor Golden
Visual Art
Hoʻomaluhia:(Sea)ing Serenity
               by Lily Kelly-Jervis
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